Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cake Decorating Part 1 - Lining Cake Pans (+ Free Giveaway!)

Whoops - NaomiCakes has moved! You can view this post and more by visiting my new site at www.naomicakes.com - Thanks for visiting!



  1. Naomi, Its posts like this that help me so much. I'm always searching out something I need to know or learn and I'm always grateful when I find a really excellent blog with photos and instructions. Nice job.

  2. Nice tips and photography!

  3. Can I share on my blog? Does that count?

    1. Deanna-- Sure, that would be great! I had originally set it as Facebook shares only, but that was mostly for the purpose of keeping track of entries all in one place. Feel free to share it on your blog, and send me the link via email (thomson.nomi@gmail.com), and I'll put your name in for the draw!


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